Lookout Bar & Grill

Food & Dining
  • 2910 Killington Rd
  • Killington, VT
  • 05751
  • (802) 422-5665

Who are we?

The Lookout Tavern in Killington, VT has become a must for anyone who is coming to Killington and wants to know what it's all about. The Lookout's charm is in the atmosphere which is best described as upbeat. The Lookout is staffed with a cast of local Killington characters that have decades of experience in the Killington restaurant and hospitality field, which is why we don't need entertainment. The staff is entertaining enough! We specialize in Lunch, Happy Hour and Dinner. That's it- which is why we can concentrate on doing those things well. The Lookout is a comfortable mix of Bar and Restaurant, with a game room that has a pool table, pinball and 4 video games to keep the kid in all of us busy. We have become a great place to watch a game, with 5 HD TVs and others located in strategic locations for your enjoyment.

Recent Activity

November 15

Web Master 7 @Lookout Bar & Grill: Monday, Nov 15: MANY soup specials - split pea/ham, corn chowder, black bean

7 years ago

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