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This is a sport where many resorts throw impressive numbers, statistics and ‘est’s’ at you (longest, deepest, bestest…) and while we certainly have our fair share of numbers and accolades, about-Jay Peak is definitely something that can be difficult to quantify within the world of numbers. Our approach to skiing and riding is pretty simple; approach the business of skiing and riding from the perspective of the skier and rider. That is, make big mountain skiing and riding affordable (and that market share will always trump yield). Have enough in the way of bell and whistle to compliment the skiing and riding, not replace and detract from it. That commitment should be rewarded. Early openings and late closings are important. And that first Tram always trumps last call.

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April 27

October 28

Web Master 7 @Jay Peak scheduled An Evening with Steve Earle

5 years ago

January 16

Cam @ Vermont Powder @Jay Peak published Jay Peak Today!

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January 12

web master2 @Jay Peak published On the ground @ Jay Peak!

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January 10

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January 09

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6 years ago

December 21

Gareth Trollope @Jay Peak: Great resort.

6 years ago

December 06

web master2 @Jay Peak published Jay Peak Now Open!

7 years ago

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On the ground @ Jay Peak!
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Jay Peak Now Open!
Jay Peak now open for the 2010-2011 season!
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