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Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council PUBLIC PROFILE

PO Box 471 Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

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The Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council serves skiers and children of the Upper Connecticut River Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont. The Council traces its beginnings to Ford and Peggy Sayre, skiing pioneers who began offering skiing lessons to children in 1936. Since that time, the program has expanded to serve over 500 children every year, of all abilities and interests.
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September 24

  1. Web Master 7 photo

    Web Master 7 @Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council: The last hour has seen a huge amount of progress toward our goal. the junior jumpers have picked up their pace on the smaller hills and are at 85% of goal. Some of the old guys, like the Hastings brothers, are showing the effects of a quarter century away. But they’re still in there

    2 years ago

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