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  • 96-1 Woodstock Road
  • Woodstock, Vermont
  • 05091

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September 24

Web Master 7 @Woodstock High School Ski Team: WE WON!!!!!!! State Champions 2010! How cool is that. Final skiers finished really well and brought it home. Don't know the last time we won States but we did this year. Be sure to send this link to any alumni skiers!

6 years ago

Web Master 7 @Woodstock High School Ski Team: We're not many points out of first in the Nordic championships. If we can finish strong with our final skiers coming in we can win this thing!

6 years ago

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OUR SCHOOL is a comprehensive, fully accredited public high school offering a course of studies for four years as described by the Department of Education in Vermont. In our recent history, we have been awarded recognition for excellence by the United States Department of Education and we have earned a Public School Medallion from the Vermont Business Roundtable. Our school was awarded the Creative Schools Distinction Award from the Kennedy Center Alliance for our comprehensive arts program in the year 2000-2001, and our Fine Arts Department is referenced as a model by personnel in the State Department of Education.
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