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Sugarbush Stoke Exchange-Mythbusting

Posted by web master2 on January 26, 2012 7:20 PM EST
Cam B. photo

Myth: It's been a bad winter, so far.

Myth: It's been a bad winter, so far.

Reality: Sugarbush has had snow every week since Halloween and several powder days have coincided with holiday periods. Sure, there have been melting periods in between the colder storms and we could always use more snow.

But we've done pretty well overall, especially compared to many other US ski areas. Our snowmakers are piling up fresh bounty right now, it's supposed to snow tonight and over the weekend too. There may not be snow in your yard, but there is snow here!

North Lynx
North Lynx powder on Sunday.

Myth: As you get older, you naturally slow down.

Reality: Sugarbush and Blueberry Lake XC are hosting the Vermont Senior Games on February 12th, which is open to athletes 50 and up. There are a lot of very fast Sugarbush skiers and riders in this age group, including Egan. Last we checked, nobody is faster down Liftline. It's not the number of years you've been alive, it's the amount of living in your years.

Cabin Cat!
Join us for a Cabin Cat adventure!    

Check out some video from the holiday weekend!

Myth: Fat skis and rocker shapes are only good in powder.

Reality: The current crop of wide rides and rocker boards have made it easier and more fun to ski in all conditions. Lots of skis work well in powder, it's the more challenging conditions that really bring out these tools' capabilities. Rocker boards encourage carving and make steering as simple as thinking about it. Do yourself a favor and demo some new sticks this season.

Castlerock on Saturday. More please!

Myth: Skiing and riding are hard to learn.

Reality: With new skis and boards specifically designed for learning and our progressive Ski and Ride coaches, we often get people onto intermediate terrain their first day. Did you know January is Learn to Ski and Ride Month? Check out Sugarbush's awesome $29 First-Timer Package and the $255 First-Timer to Life-Timer, which includes a season pass. Share your favorite winter sports with friends, it's more fun that way!

Wide wale corduroy
Our groomers work hard to ensure your turning pleasure. Today.

Myth: There is nothing to do in the Valley after the lifts stop turning.

Reality: This Saturday, we have a fun all ages show in the Gate House with performer Daniel Forlano. One of the area's favorite bands, the Grift is playing in Castlerock Pub, there is a Magic Hat Party in the Wunderbar and a Labatt's Party in the Green Mountain Lounge. Chez Henri has a Latin Dance Party on Friday evenings, and there are many other Valley venues with fun stuff to do after the lifts stop spinning.

Mount Ellen!
When the sun goes down, the fun ramps up. 

Myth: Skiing and snowboarding are expensive.

Reality: If you look around a little and time your visits, there are a lot of great deals. One of the best is $30 Thursdays at Mount Ellen, complete with free Cabot cheddar and VT Smoke and Cure meats, plus Long Trail drink specials.

Now that you've been enlightened, we hope you'll help share these realities with those less-informed.  The turns are fun, there is snow in the forecast and we hope to see you soon!

John Atkinson
Director of Strategic Programs and Partnerships
802-583-6534 | jatkinson@sugarbush.com

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