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Mobile Participation


Welcome to the Vermont Powder Mobile application. We value your participation highly and would love to see your comments and photos as you take to the slopes. Use the Live Map to keep up to date with all the latest happenings around you.

Getting Started

New Account

You can view Photos and the Live Map without an account but to be able to participate and share your experience you have to register with us. Choose Facebook or Register directly with us.

How Do I Participate?

Use the Sharing button

You can update the Live Map by clicking the “Actions” button in the top right of the live map and ski area pages. You can share your experience by posting to your profile or to any of the mountains.

"Sharing" presents you with these options. Share a comment, take a photo, choose an exisitng photo or provide feedback.

Share a Comment
Post your comments.

Take a Photo
Document your experience by taking a photo and sharing it with others. You can add a comment to a photo too.

Choose an Exisitng Photo
If you have already taken a photo you can share it.

Report a Problem
If you notice anything we should know about during your visit please report it to us. We appreciate your participation.

Use the Photos button

On the "Photos" page you can use the photos button to take a photo. You can choose where this gets posted to.

Share a Comment

Tell everyone about your experience.

Provide Feedback

If you see something out of place please do not hesitate to tell us. You can select one of the ski areas to tell us where the problem is. Thank you!

Live Map

What is the live map?

It features latest comments, events and promotions. You can select a ski area to filter the latest happenings. Once you have selected a ski area you can see the comments, events and promotions that are happening there. To view the all content again simply deselect that marker.

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