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This is THE Official site for Vermont Ski Bums. You can post your pictures, videos and start your own blog. We would love to hear your views and experiences of this great place. You can also find out all the latest happenings around Vermont and keep up to date.
  • Purpose: To bring skiers and riders together to share in the Vermont experience Overview

Vermont Powder was started by a group of folks with roots in the state of Vermont, passionate about bringing to light all the amazing things the state has to offer. We all know Vermont is THE spot to hit in the winter, and are set on making the experience even more wild.

This site uses a social networking platform to bring information, deals, networking and fun to the users of the site. Users signup and create connections by choosing ski areas, joining groups, subscribing to business information, and making friends. From there you can check the activity stream, see what is happening across the state and contribute your thoughts and experiences. Interested in stellar deals on lift tickets, group trips, sweet gear and more? Awesome, we are working to partner with some of the biggest names to bring you amazing member-only offerings.

Vermont Powder is different than Facebook in that up-to-date information and on-the-ground news is what we are all about. We aren't a general network, and you won't get the latest relationship gossip or celebrity blunders. What you will find is all the information, community and deals you need to make winter the best season of the year.

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What are we about?

Getting location-based information, when you want it, right away.

Bringing stellar deals to the community.

Highlighting the amazing local businesses and flavor the state has to offer.

Building a community of passionate, excited people to grow wintersports.

Thanks for being a part of this community... we hope you have a blast on the slopes!

If you have any suggestions please contact us so we can help improve your experience.

Recent Activity

April 22

Matt Rajkowski @Vermont Powder: 2016/2017 Early Bird Season Pass Prices from On The Snow

1 year ago

April 27

Gareth Trollope @Vermont Powder: The news reporting died down quite a bit... as most discussion has been in group areas.

2 years ago

February 13

Gareth Trollope @Vermont Powder: Valentine's Day Specials

4 years ago

December 12

Gareth Trollope @Vermont Powder: A good summary of Vermont Ski Resort 2012-2013 Holiday Deals

5 years ago

October 12

Gareth Trollope @Vermont Powder: It's going to be a massively snowy, amazing winter with feet upon feet of snow.* Based on no scientific means of prediction whatsoever. For the meteorologists' point of view, refer to Accuweather. They're saying pretty much the same thing. from the Stratton blog

5 years ago

September 30

Matt Rajkowski @Vermont Powder: The season is almost here... Ski country hotels hope for rebound from subpar season

5 years ago

March 27

Gareth Trollope @Vermont Powder: First Tracks!! online ski magazine says "Eastern Ski Season Melts Away" http://www.firsttracksonline...

5 years ago

Gareth Trollope @Vermont Powder: University of Vermont Ski is NCAA National Champions. This is the school’s sixth ski championship and their first since 1994.

5 years ago

March 16

Cam B. @Vermont Powder: Anyone else heading up to FestEVOL at Okemo next weekend? Should be an amazing event. Check it:

5 years ago

Cam B. @Vermont Powder: Weather continues to warm up but don't let that stop you from getting to the snow. Most resorts still have lots of snow and solid conditions. Check yours to see what it looks like on the slopes!

5 years ago

March 09

Cam B. @Vermont Powder: Weather just south of Vermont has been crazy, almost 70* in CT yesterday. Conditions looks killer in VT, though. Fresh snow across the state.

5 years ago

March 07

Matt Rajkowski @Vermont Powder: The all new Vermont Powder 3.0 App is in the store! Easier to use, more features!

5 years ago

March 06

Gareth Trollope @Vermont Powder: Awesome... Watch the Burton US Open live on on Friday, March 9, and Saturday, March 10.

5 years ago

Gareth Trollope @Vermont Powder: Burton US Open 2012, 30 years of snowboarding. Preview videos here

5 years ago

March 05

Matt Rajkowski @Vermont Powder: We've made some major improvements to web and mobile and we'd like to hear your comments!

5 years ago

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