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Basin Ski Report-1/17

Posted by web master2 on January 17, 2012 4:55 PM EST
Cam B. photo

Conditions: temporarily unavailable, 37 degrees at 4:00

Hmmm. The snow was beautiful today, yielding to the edges of skis and snowboards and instilling confidence (perhaps undeserved) in all who endeavored to arc across it’s surface.  The light was less generous, but we who make our arcs across the snow of New England’s mountains are used to that, are we not? I found the smoother of the trails, Cascade, East Fall, and Skyelark come to mind, to be the safest bet in the dim light. A notable exception would be Conclusion, opened finally after days of intense snow making. Conclusion was just low enough to be out of the cloud, covered in soft, fresh snow, and adorned with fat snowmaking whales to keep it interesting. Warmish temperatures further contributed to a most enjoyable day of snow slidery.

One lesson which is continuously drilled into the heads of skiers and riders is to enjoy the moment. The good stuff is always in finite supply. Powder is perhaps the most ephemeral of all, lasting in some cases mere moments before it is gone, slashed into oblivion, not to return again for who knows how long. But even the stuff of today, warm and soft and enjoyable, will not likely be around tomorrow. So you learn to live it up while you can, enjoy it while it’s there. I made a special point of enjoying today because tomorrow might be a different kind of enjoyment all together.

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