Vermont Powder was started by a group of folks with roots in the state of Vermont, passionate about bringing to light all the amazing things the state has to offer. We all know Vermont is THE spot to hit in the winter, and are set on making the experience even more wild.

This site uses a social networking platform to bring information, deals, networking and fun to the users of the site. Users signup and create connections by choosing ski areas, joining groups, subscribing to business information, and making friends. From there you can check the activity stream, see what is happening across the state and contribute your thoughts and experiences. Interested in stellar deals on lift tickets, group trips, sweet gear and more? Awesome, we are working to partner with some of the biggest names to bring you amazing member-only offerings.

Vermont Powder is different than Facebook in that up-to-date information and on-the-ground news is what we are all about. We aren't a general network, and you won't get the latest relationship gossip or celebrity blunders. What you will find is all the information, community and deals you need to make winter the best season of the year.

Philosophy & Culture

What are we about?

Getting location-based information, when you want it, right away.

Bringing stellar deals to the community.

Highlighting the amazing local businesses and flavor the state has to offer.

Building a community of passionate, excited people to grow wintersports.

Thanks for being a part of this community... we hope you have a blast on the slopes!

If you have any suggestions please contact us so we can help improve your experience.

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